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  • Starter and Add-on Packs!

    Hey new players! Now you can accelerate your game with fantastic starter and add-on packs!
    When I started playing in 2004, there weren't even Battleships in the game yet! Now look what you guys get! So pick up one of these packs and get into EVE!

  • PLEX replaces ETC

    May 2014
    For immediate release

    BattleClinic Deep Space Supply in cooperation with CCP will begin offering PLEX codes for sale on May 2, 2014. ETC (Electronic Time Codes) or GTC (Game TIme Codes) will be phased out of inventory.

    PLEX codes will function similarly to ETC. You'll purchase your code from DSS and redeem it online at, in your Account Management area.

    When you redeem your code, PLEX will be inserted into your active character's hangar, or you can apply the PLEX to your game subscription.

    PLEX now come in the following packs:

    One PLEX
    Two PLEX
    Six PLEX
    Twelve PLEX
    Twenty-eight PLEX

    Special discounts available only at Deep Space Supply will be available. Watch for them!

  • New PLEX Discounts!

    Beginning early May, 2014, Deep Space Supply will be offering new discounts on PLEX.

    Buy a 28-PLEX, get a 2-PLEX FREE!
    Buy a 12-PLEX, get a 1-PLEX FREE!

    Join our Frequent Buyer Club!
    Now when you join our Frequent Buyer Club, you can choose your own discount, and it will apply to every purchase you make throughout the rest of 2014. Sorry, no pro-ration. There's no limit on this discount! All prices USD.

    Personal 2% Discount for the rest of 2014 = $2.00
    Personal 5% Discount for the rest of 2014 = $5.00
    Personal 10% Discount for the rest of 2014 = $20.00

    Watch this space for more incredible deals and programs, coming soon!


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